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Our Talent Specialties


Strategic Consulting

Not sure where to begin when it comes to aligning your talent strategy with your business objectives? We can help you build a plan focused on the right objectives that evolves overtime. Doing everything all at once usually ends in disaster. We can help you determine the right path and the most critical focus areas based on where your business is going and how you plan to grow.

Custom Trainings

Our team will work with you to create customized and branded presentations to fit your company's needs. Trainings are built to create lasting changes that will help your company and employees reach their full potential and maintain success.

Example trainings include:

  • Talent Acquisition Best Practices

  • Tapping into Niche Talent Pools

  • Company Culture

  • Creating a Team Vision

  • DEI Training

  • Effective Communication

  • Navigating Tough Conversations and Complicated Topics

  • Leadership Training

  • Management 101


Brand Assessment

Determine or refresh your company's identifying mark. Create a social media presence and introduce your target audience to your talent brand. Build a base of followers and engage them through content, creative and concise messaging.

Executive Search Consultation

Not ready for an internal talent team? Leverage our 16+ years of recruiting and executive search expertise to build the team of tomorrow.

Talent Consultant - high-touch executive search and dedicated independent recruiting support to fill some of your most critical roles.

RPO Services - a natural extension of your in-house team dedicated to a specific project to source and recruit talent on your behalf.

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